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Continuity & Succession Plans

After successfully achieving the initial aims to realising the vision to build a profitable and prosperous business, it would be a regretable waste if the future success of that business was jeopardised due to a lack of contingency planning.

The things that managers struggle to cope with the most are the events and issues that they never foresee and planned for.

Therefore the impact of such surprises is often both sudden and unmanageable.

Generally contingency planning begins with a detailed risk assessment during which managers must pose the uncomfortable question "What is the worst that can happen?".

Many management proponents express a commmonly accepted fact when they say "The only constant in business is that things will constantly change ".

But the benefit of conducting a detailed risk assessment, with extensive " What If" analysis, is to seize an opportunity to identify risks and then devise contingency plans to mitigate those risks, which ultimately yields a new confidence in the capacity of the business to cope with any foreseeable contingencies.

What could possibly go wrong?

Just as it's prudent business practice to continually measure and monitor progress, quality and outcomes, it is also prudent to periodically review the probability and potential costs of progressive trends and sudden events.

Don't allow complacency to be your greatest (avoidable) risk.

Unless you are ready to sell your business then it's not enough to reach your targets, but is just as important to ensure that it remains profitable.

With decades of experience in managing growing businesses, Executive Consulting can help avoid the risk of complacency, including risk reviews, capacity management, business continuity planning, key person security, and succession planning.

Key Personnel

For some businesses survival and prosperity of the enterprise can depend on reliable, ongoing input from key individuals.

Businesses need to plan to mitigate a sudden loss of a key resource due to illness, poaching by competitors, and retirement.

Key Suppliers

While businesses inevitably face the challenge of copy-cats or loss-leading competitors attempting to take market share through pricing and advertising, some competitors can gain an advantage by securing exclusive supply or preferential pricing for key inputs.

In addition, a business may be at risk if it has key suppliers that may have tenuous financial stability or limited access to raw inputs. Therefore supply continuity can often be at risk for a business.

Executive Consulting has helped several clients to manage key supplier risks.