Business System Evaluation & Selection
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Evaluating Business Systems

Executive Consulting is proud to have assisted several small, medium and large enterprises to select and implement vital business systems.

Although it is not always possible to find a suitable system or application that is readily available (off-the-shelf, so to speak) in many industries it is often possible to find a suitable existing software product for a business to employ... with or without customisations.

Occasionally a system evaluation may identify several alternative prospective solutions, yet the evaluation determines that none of them is satisfactory and a bespoke development may be warranted.

Executive Consulting has assisted in the selection/development of several varieties of software, including applications for: document management, project management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Financial Advisory Services, Manufacturing & Logistics, Accounting and medical practice management.

Balancing the Selection Criteria

Budgetary limits may seem like a fundamental starting point, but too often businesses view their systems as costs, whereas often the systems can yield more than processing efficiencies.

Business systems can quite often be a commodity, or a production mechanism to general revenue, thus I.T. can be a profit centre.

Business Systems also have finite life spans.

Sometimes the solution a business needs in its current stage of development may only see it through to the next stage.

With decades of experience in managing growing businesses, Executive Consulting can help plan and manage changes in infrastructure, key personnel and even corporate re-structures such as sales, mergers and acquisitions.

Legacy Systems & Data

Most businesses accumulate value through amassing a growing, loyal client base.

Data conversions are often necessary to ensure that important information continues to be of value when a business transitions to a new system.