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More Than Just Advice


Start-ups, or expansion via new divisions and acquisitions.

Serious businesses must have a clear vision, scope of products and services, finite goals and plans for achieving those goals within a finite timeframe.

Your business plan is your recipe to success and a business without a plan is merely a job, or a gamble.


Program & Project Management

An unparalleled pedigree for managing programs and projects that were ALL delivered ON TIME & WITHIN BUDGET.

Projects successfully managed span multiple technology implementations, system intergrations, event management, corporate re-structure and new business start-ups.


Finance & Capital Management

Feasibility studies, budgeting, productivity reviews, debt servicing models.

Our finance experts can even help coordinate and negotaite capital and credit procurements.


Consulting Service

Market Analysis

Successful businesses cannot rest on past success, as they will surely face competition.

Planning to preserve market share and sales revenue are fundamentals of good business.


Product & Service Development

We have a strong track record in developing and supporting business system and structural changes in various industries - from feasability proposals, conceptual design, proof-of-concept, through iterative development and full implementation.

Plus the skills and experience to establish post-implementation support and maintenance.


Evaluations, Reviews & Audits

Quantitative, qualitative and compliance assessments for all purposes - performance measurements, risk assessment, product evaluation, finance reviews & compliance audits.

Engaging consultants to identify opportunities to exploit and risks to mitigate can be your wisest business investment.


Productivity & Scaleability

Productivity, Efficiency & Resource Leverage/Re-use

Often the best investment a business can make is a formal review to identify opportunities, savings or ways to leverage existing resources to achieve higher marginal outputs, or options to extend revenues to maximise the return on the capital that has already been injected..


Business Service

Marketing, Sales & Trade

In addition to establishing strategic alliances with referral partners and sales agents, our consultants can work closely with Marketing Consultants to lift your sales revenue and grow your market share.

Often it takes a fresh, independent observer to spot fine improvements that can yield huge benefits.