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Reviewing Business Strategies

Executive Consulting is proud to have assisted several enterprises in a variety of industries to refine vital business strategies.

Often business managers get so involved in the regular operations of their business that opportunities, risks and cultural issues eventuate without them having any strategy for dealing with them.

Strategic Reviews not only identify such hazards, but also allow a business to do a health-check to ensure their plans and activities remain consistent with their vision and strategies.

To put it into simpler terms - Strategic Reviews can check whether the business and its management are still on the path to their stated destination.

Executive Consulting is happy to perform any scope of review - holistic reviews, reviews of specific aspects or divisions, and even retro-fit or formalise strategies for businesses that may be operating without previously defined [formal] strategies.

Distinguishing a Strategy, Tactic, Plan and Outcome

Not even a MBA ensures that a manager can readily distinguish whether they are working at a strategic, tactical or project/plan level at any given point in time.

Helping executives and managers understand the difference between these levels/aspects of management can often be the difference between success and failure.

Business Strategies and Tactics are fluid.

Sometimes the solution a business needs in its current stage of development may only see it through to the next stage.

With decades of experience in managing growing businesses, Executive Consulting can help develop and oversee changes in strategy, tactics, business plans while mitigating the risks at each level.

Cultural Reviews

The culture of an organisation is often the hardest aspect to define.

Much of what drives the stakeholders in a business to success (or failure) becomes embedded into the culture of the organisation. Therefore it is vital for all levels of management to understand and embrace the DESIRED culture of the organisation - often that means that managers need a program to improve or adapt the current culture, to achieve a desired culture.