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Managing New Businesses (Start-Ups) and expansions

Executive Consulting is proud to have assisted several small and medium enterprises to take their vision and ideas and develop them into successful, profitable and prosperous commercial success stories.

Rather than preach any particular development methodologies our team prides itself on our ability to apply the principles and tools in a way that ensures the most effective use of resources.

Often this results in us working with our clients to employ a hybrid of best practice methodologies and tools to pick the best tool for the job at hand, rather than maintaining any pre-conceptions, or ideological stance.

We trust that our clients are not merely interested in following the pack with the latest trends, but rather to employ the most appropriate and efficient methods to achieve genuine outcomes. That doesn't mean that new innovations hold no value, but that often the tried and tested methods and tools can be just as effective. One of our team likes to describes it as " striving on the leading edge, without teetering on a leaning ledge ".

New Business Insights

It's prudent business practice to continually measure and monitor progress, quality and outcomes.

There is no point starting a journey without ensuring you have sufficient resources to reach your destination.

So many new businesses start out with optimistic, often unrealistic, sales and budgetary projections that fail to account for the impact of growth.

With decades of experience in managing growing businesses, Executive Consulting can help avoid the pitfalls of unplanned growth - such as capacity management, business continuity planning, key person security, succession planning.

Combating immediate competition

Innovative new businesses inevitably face the challenge of copy-cats or loss-leading competitors.

Without the assistance of experienced strategic management consultants new businesses can easily find themselves merely paving the way for competitors to take over their hard-earned share of the market.

Always Focus on Cash Flow

The primary cause of failure for most new businesses is insufficient steady cash flow to sustain growth.

To ensure that a business can develop and grow it must prioritise its development and growth to focus on those products and services that secure steady cash flow, thus enabling further growth to be economically funded.